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We have been practicing Photography in and around the Annapolis Valley since January 2006, since then we have become quite proficient , as the saying goes practice makes perfect, Not really, never perfect, photography is a continuous learning experience We have made several trips into the Tobeatic Wilderness area, where we feel the real beauty of Nova Scotia lies , where we are able to get some rare remote shots along the trails and lakes of that area . Nova Scotia’s coastal areas reward us with some awesome photo opportunities with the high cliffs and tidal flats. We both share a love of nature and capture it to the best of our ability, to reflect our love of the beauty that surrounds us. Myself, I enjoy the many species of wild flowers native to Nova Scotia found in and around the many bogs, and swamps; My all time favorites are the 5 species of Lady slippers native to Nova Scotia. My partner Mike on the other hand enjoys Landscape Photography, and excels at that. He is a tech I am not but between the two of us we make an awesome team . We ultimately hope that you enjoy our site.

have a look here Lady’s Slippers of Nova Scotia for some great information on Laurinda’s Favourite subject, Wild Orchids of Nova Scotia


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