Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

Summer of 2012 we chose not to access the Tobeatic without 4X4
and instead we decided to do some hiking at Cape Chignecto
we had stopped off there in early August 2011 when taking the scenic route back from New Brunswick
Red Rock was interesting and the Trails appealed to both of us
we decided to set up camp in the New Yarmouth Campsite [ Accessible with a Vehicle]
and explore the area over several Day Hikes
after setting up camp on day 1 we did a short hike on the lower half of the McGahey Brook trail
returning via the Christie Viewpoint trail
interesting Country and vegetation lots of climbing up and down hills
Day 2 was pouring rain so instead of hiking we chose to do a photo tour of the area centered around Cape D’Or lighthouse
a very interesting place with extensive history in the region yielding some very nice photos
In the afternoon  after the Rain quit we decided to do the top end of the McGahey Brook Canyon trail then the Mill Brook Canyon trail
and return along the beach to Red Rocks this had to be Timed well as at high tide the beach is not navigable
and we did not want to spend a night stranded or worse

as it was we missed the small trail to the beach and proceeded a ways along the refugee cove trail
realizing our mistake we did get back to the beach in plenty of time to make it back to red rocks
with no problem from the incoming tide
after that hike we learned from Park Staff that the Beach trail is indeed closed in spite of what was
printed in the brochures
storm surges had moved rocks enough to make the access to the beach from Mill Brook Trail hazardous

we had a bit of trouble getting across the huge rocks and can see how less agile folks would have a hard time
perhaps even risking injury
we had to lift the dogs over the rocks Sophie was no problem but Brutus at around 100 pounds was a bit of a struggle
the rest was easy and almost boring compared to the up and down we had done all day though even the dogs were Dog Tired
almost back along the beach fog rolled in across the ridge and yielded some awesome scenic shots

with more heavy rain setting in on Day 3 and expected to last many days we packed up and headed home via a very wet drive