4th Tobeatic Wilderness Trip

Our 4th trip into the Tobeatic was a return to Whitesand Lake
this time the truck and road behaved
there was nobody around the put in on Sporting lake Stream
on the previous occassions there were several vehicles parked there

water was very high on this trip (Jun 24-29 2013) and we never had to get out of the Canoe
until well up Whitesand stream.

we both very much prefer Paddling  to  Portaging upstream

lovely Weather the first couple of days  then the rain set in and never gave up

the reason for the High water i suppose

during this trip we decided to explore the route up to Moose hide Lake via Moose head stream
which involved about 2 km of portages and 1.5 of paddling
from the far side of Moose Hide Lake one can carry over a 2.8 km portage
into Sand Beach Lake on the Shelburne river system and we were exploring this route for a possible future
loop through the country

Laurinda managed to get a couple of awesome shots including the 1 on Rocky Dead water
where the Light was Magnificant
at one point we set the canoe down during a portage and brutus who had enough bucking through wet brush jumped in
During this side trip the rain set in in earnest and we remained wet until we decided
enough was enough and headed out
We encountered a few wash outs on the way out fortunately none bad enough to prevent our progress
saw some wild creatures mostly toads and frogs some nesting birds and a very wet Porcupine on the road while heading out of the wilderness

a big disappointment  was the status of  a favorite restaurant in Digby  right on the wharf

on all our Tobeatic trips we stopped there for a feed of seafood but this time  found out  the restaurant had  closed up shop