Whitesand Lake

Our second Tobeatic trip was into Whitesand Lake

we started from the same place  the put in on Sporting Lake Stream

but went downstream and around 5th Lake Flowage then up Whitesand Stream to this gorgeous lake

not quite as easy as it sounds  the Portages or Carries are supposed to be blazed for easy location

all Blazes along Whitesand Stream have been removed which made  for some navigational uncertainty

as it was we camped within 10 feet of  the trail we were looking for on day 2 in a pouring rain soaked to the bone

our reward was this photo, among others, the following Morning

Tobeatic Morning

while it won first place  for scenics in 2010 at the Kings County Photography Club

i much prefer some of the sunrise shots  from Whitesand lake

Sunrise on Whitesand Lake

With serene  beauty like this  readily available i guess it’s not surprising some folks might try to keep it to themselves by removing trail blazes

we did see some wildlife this trip many baby toads and frogs at Whitesand lake, Loons of course

 just after reaching Fifth lake Flowage heading home a Black Bear meandering along the shore of the lake

fortunately neither the Bear nor Brutus got wind of each other

and a kingfisher near the end of the paddle home on Sporting Lake Stream

A big disappointment after the trip; so far on each trip we stopped in Digby for a feed of  awesome fish and chips

right off the Wharf …….unfortunately that establishment closed shop